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 Lets start with a money saver.  I pay for my clients photo shoot and contribute to closing cost (amount can vary).

When you decide to put your property on the market, price it to sell.  Property typically see their most activity when first listed.  If priced right you will attract more buyers and can result in getting a quick sale and top dollar for your property.

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Three areas that should be major consideration when selling your property:  Appearance, condition and upgrades. 

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Selling check list/general notes:

These are suggestion that should assist in a quicker sale and more money for your property. The condition of the house is directly related to the appraised value.

​Have all your mechanical systems checked out by a licensed contractor and insure they are all in good working order.

Have a licensed roofing contract evaluate your roof.  If it is near the end of its' life span it will effect the sale price of your property, the time it takes to sell and it could be the difference in the buyer being able to get insurance.  The result being you just lost a buyer.

​Have a pest control company check out the house.  It is inexpensive and something buyers look for.

Remove all clutter from counter top

Keep the house neat

Have the windows washed inside and out

No dishes in the sink

Store away the toiletries

If possible have the home inspected (this can work in your favor) the inspector will let you now if there are any major issues

you may need to address, either fix or maybe make a price adjustment.  Leave the inspection report out for potential buyers to view.  It could also be posted on The MLS.  This also gives a potential buyer a good comfort zone about your property.

If you have carpets have them professionally cleaned

Caulk around the windows, tub and shower, inspection always point that out

Remove pictures and patch the wall

If you have holes in interior doors repair if possible or replace them.

If the inside needs to be painted and it is in the budget do it.  It help for a quicker sale.

Check the weather stripping on the exterior doors repair or replace if necessary.  Sometime it is just an adjustment.

Clean and organize under the sinks, pack away the things not used daily.

Made sure all light bulbs are working.

Clean the window treatment (big dust collector).

Make sure all switches and power receptacles are working and have covers.

If you belong to a HOA or have a CDD and have the doc have them out on a counter for potential buyer to view.

Offer the buyers a one year home warranty (usually cost between $500-$600). It give a feeling of confidence. 

 Documents that should be posted on The MLS:  HOA and  CDD documents, the sellers property disclosure and the title company contact information.  The State of Florida requires the title company information be on the contract prior to full execution.  You don’t want to lose a deal because the buyer didn’t get your disclosures.

Pick your title company convenient for you and verify their fees.

Make sure to get a pre-approval letter from the buyer for the value of the loan, not a pre-qualified. The pre-approval means the buyer have been run through the automated system and would most likely get the loan.

As your agent I will follows up with the buyer’s lender through the entire process your contract clearly gives them the right to call the lender anytime.  This can be very helpful in reinforcing the urgency of the buyer to get all the required documents in on time.

Keep the grass cut and shrubs trimmed.

Pressure wash and paint the exterior if necessary (including the driveway and sidewalk).

Check the down spout make sure they are secured to the wall and all parts are connected.

Check for loose cables on the outside of the house.

Make sure your outdoor power receptacles are ground fault (GFCI) protected.

If you have a pool keep the water clear.

If you have a fence make sure it is in good repair.